Chad Colunga

CrossFit/Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Deadlift: 445lbs

Row 500m: 1:24


CrossFit level 1&2

USA Weightlifting Level 1&2

About Coach

I didn’t play any sports in high school but I was pretty religious about going to the gym from about 18yrs old and on. Around 34 years of age I had a friend that had recently found CrossFit and repeatedly begged me to come to class with him. I resisted because I liked the freedom of my own routine, music, and time schedule. Eventually, I gave in and went to try one class to get him off my back. That class destroyed me. It was harder than any workout I had put myself through. From that moment I was hooked. I should also mention that the gym was just a necessary evil at that time. I hated going but was always glad I went. After I discovered CrossFit I craved the gym. I could not wait to get there each day. I still feel that way today. <br /> I ended up helping that friend build his own gym. Even though he eventually sold out of that gym, I stayed on for 7+ years. CrossFit built a family and I loved the people I worked out with every day. I have always been a shy and quiet person. So about a year into CF, I decided I wanted to try my hand at coaching to force myself out of my shell. I received my level 1 cert and began coaching. This had helped me greatly in my personal and professional life. I used to be deathly afraid to talk to a new person one on one, not to mention speaking to groups of people. Now I do that several times a week.

Turning Point

About a year I to CF coaching one of my fellow coaches decided he wanted to try out an Olympic Weightlifting meet since that is a big part of CF. From that point, we decided to focus heavily on weightlifting form and technique, which came at a good time as I was recovering from two herniated discs in my lower back, caused by sloppy form. We started a barbell club and attained the USA Weightlifting Level 1 cert to become official coaches for sanctioned meets. My thirst for knowledge continued. I proceeded to get my CFL2 and USAW L2 and continue to be a student of CF and weightlifting movements.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation to coach is the fulfillment I get from watching athletes overcome and surpass barriers they never imagined they could. Coming from injury, my purpose is to push technique and safe form before adding weight to the barbell. My ideal athlete whether CF or weightlifting is humble and eager to learn. I appreciate someone that is willing to take a step or two backward in order to make leaps forward after rebuilding technique. I will add weight to barbells or push someone to try the next harder movement in a progression when I think they are ready. Even if it feels hard to an athlete but looks technically sound I will give them a push. I will not push someone beyond their safe ability. I prefer our athletes to achieve the intended stimulus of the workout vs struggling for an RX score.

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