Natalie Rasmussen

HIGH Fitness Instructor

Have won a Lifestyle and Fitness competition at the state level. High endurance levels.


AFAA Group Fitness Instructor certification, High Fitness certification, CPR/AED certification

About Coach

I have been playing sports and living an active lifestyle since I can remember. From soccer, volleyball, basketball, and dance. In high school, I was apart of the Drill Team and was a co-captain my senior year. We won our region and placed 3rd in the state. That was the start of my base of fitness and health. I then went on to compete in the Miss America competition. I have crowned Miss Greater Salt Lake and also took home the Lifestyle and Fitness award. This gave me many opportunities to teach, public speak, and grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally. I then went on to compete at the state level and walked away again with the Lifestyle and Fitness award. <br /> <br /> My love for teaching and fitness runs deep and knew my path would one day take me in a direction where I could do both! I have since certified with AFAA and HIGH and took off from there. I’m still a sponge soaking up all the knowledge from those who are admired in the industry to bring the best to my classes!

Turning Point

Competing in pageants was the 1st major turning point for me. It taught me health is beyond physical, and being thin does not always equal health. Health looks different on everybody. As I was preparing for the state competition I had an acquaintance who made comments about my body to me. The comments were negative and involved words like “disgusting.” Yes, I went home and cried. It hurt. However, it lit a fire under my belly. In my mind and even out loud I said, “Watch me win.” I talked to bodybuilders, personal trainers, learned from those better than me, so come the state competition I could put my best foot forward. <br /> I could have taken their words to heart, let them gobble me up. I could have believed them! Instead, I showed myself and those around me that “whether you think you can, or think you can’t... you’re right!”

Motivation & Passion

My motivation for showing up every class is YOU! Watching participants progress from doing the modifications to moving up to 1 or 2 burpees in class, to tackling a tuck jump; it fills my soul! I have always had a passion for teaching and fitness. It truly fills my cup when we work hard, sweats a ton, and cheer each other on. <br /> As an instructor, it is my goal to have a class anyone and everyone feels comfortable coming to. That as a participant you know there will be modifications given, I will queue you, and guide you so you are safe and successful! I strive to make sure you leave class feeling successful regardless of your fitness level. <br /> <br /> Watching participants show up for themselves and leave with a smile on their face is more than I can ask for. <br /> It motivates me to watch my participants grow, succeed, and leave class feeling happy and accomplished. My passion for this has always been there, but it’s you, the participants that help keep me motivated!

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