Terra Nielsen

High Fitness Instructor

I have a resting heart-rate of 40 bpm.

I can karaoke rap many difficult Eminem songs.


AFAA GFI certification

High Fitness Instructor

Aqua Fitness Instructor

Barre Fitness Instructor

About Coach

I am not an athlete. I am not a dancer. My whole life I was told I had stage fright. But I found High Fitness at a time in life when I needed it, and I hope to help others who need it in their life right now find it for themselves.

Turning Point

I used to turn to drugs and alcohol to "deal" with life's problems and struggles. Or to celebrate. Addiction is real and can take on many forms. 12.5 years ago I become sober and at that time I discovered group fitness. The community and motivation of group fitness are like nothing else. The high from endorphins and accomplishing something hard or hitting fitness goals is better than any temporary high from substance abuse. I love that group fitness can also be a party and a form of celebrating too.

Motivation & Passion

I want people to know that anyone can accomplish anything they want. It may look different to some people, but noting is a competition or comparison among other people. In a world that is constantly trying to tear us down, I think there is room for everyone. Somebody did not already do your work. There is no scarcity. All ships rise with the tide.

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